Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 25 09

how could ya just move on?
:/ im getting this really sick feeling in my tummy.
after loving someone more than anything in the world,
trying to make him happy.. trying to be with him..
trying to talk to him even though i shouldn't be,
how am i supposed to move on?
i woulda given anything for you.
woulda tried my best to do anything for you.
i've turned into this stupid weak girl who gets her heart broken over and over and over again.. and i just let it happen. i never wanted to become one of those.
but love.. love changes everything.
when he doesn't care.. when he ignores you.. that's when you should move on.
but who says it's that easy? at least for me it isnt.
gahdd, i hate being depressed like this :/

10 25 09

i really dont know why i still try.
still try to be nice.
still try to be a good friend.. or a friend at least.
but what do I get in return?
a big fattt nothin !
why is this so unfair?
i just feel really pissed off now for trying to be a good person and letting it blow up in my face.
i should known that was coming.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 21 09

"you'll never know how strong you are,
until being strong is the only choice you have."
omg, k got that from kaycee's twitter. mannn that makes me soo sad ): cause.. i kind of HAVE TO try to be strong. and i cant find my strength. but i think now is the time where i really have to try to do it mooore than ever.

communication in a relationship is vital and healthy. express what you feel. communication is key.

10 21 09

give me one good reason to trust you.
i don't know..
something isn't right here.
i feel like there is something going on that i should know about.

"i loved him so, but i let him go
cause i knew he'd never love me back."
- a fine frenzy

Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 17 09

on the sad tip:
i guess it's really over.

my bestest friend is officially a mama (:
i love her.
and caiden anthony miranda !

Friday, October 16, 2009

10 16 09

things are really sucky lately.
wish i had that someone to talk to about everything.
my attempt at being semi-friendly failed.
it looks to me like things wont ever be the same again.
and i have to stay strong knowing that.
i tried not to be sad :/

Monday, October 12, 2009

10 12 09

it's nice to see that you're doing PERFECTLY fine without me...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 11 09

sommmmmetimes, i dont see the point in trying. and i've always believed that if you loved someone, you would do anything for them, no matter what the circumstances may be. but if someone keeps you waiting, no matter how much you want to wait, there is a point where you should just stop. because no one deserves to be treated that way. why would the person on the other end make you wait so long anyways if he or she "loves" you. riiight. well whatever. i dont know, i guess i just had to get that out.

Friday, October 9, 2009

10 09 09

yeah. i guess this week has been
"i like to ignore 'important' people in my life" week.
whatever. don't say you care about someone when you're just going to ignore them for days and days. ughh.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 08 09

story of my life lyrics:
"he and i had something beautiful,
but so dysfunctional..
it couldn't last.
i loved him so,
but i let him go
cause i knew he'd never
love me back."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 07 09

hmm haven't blogged in a whiiiile. but right now im going through alots, so ill write about it. or type. whatevah you know what i mean ! sooo many things going through my mind, and i dont really tell anybody all of it.

i dont get how one day, someone can love you more than anyone could say. it's so crazy, that you can't even explain it.. but the next day its gone. it just makes me angry. not sad.. not depressed. not like before. now im just angry, that you could go from loving, to treating me like im invisible. i dont think it would do my feelings any justice if i tried explaining it, cause it hurts way too much. i know that sounds so mellow-dramatic, but that's just how it is. when you love someone, you can't change the way your feelings work. you can't change the fact that whatever your "person" does to you, it hurts like never before. yesterday i texted someone. she was really sad. over someone she REALLY loved. and i told her " dont worry, its normal not to forget your first love." i dont think there will ever be anyone who will make you feel the way your first love made you feel. you might love someone just as much, but the feelings that you and your first love had are irreplaceable.

family problems. alot. let's just say.. i don't exactly know where the heck im gonna live on weekends. there are horrible people in this world who lie. they even have the nerve to steal your money but be EXTREMELY KIND to your face. ughh. i don't understand. do these people not have consciences? really? mm. i dont know. maybe karma will kick em in the butt one day. if it's even real. i hope its real. mom and dad are still having troubles with work.. or i guess the lack of work :/ they're good people.. i dont get it. this is why i wish karma were real. they deserve better than this.

then there are these money problems. im trying to save up money for a car. first i thought that maybe i'd hit $5000 by december. but i highly doubt that. i have to pay for everything now. dad can't give me lunch moneys or anything. but i dont blame him. it kinda just sucks. and then i have to buy my own printer.. probably somewhere around $100. i gotta re-touch my hairs.. maybe around $30 or $40. also, i have to buy my own cell phone now. getting a new juan on friday. im excited about it.. finally no more stupid chocolate that breaks all the time and turns off by itself ! but i dont wanna spend the money ): really really big sighhh. i dont know if ill make it to $5000 by the end of december ):

at least one thing im really excited about is BFF JB and her baby (: he's coming soon. im gonna love him so so so so much. well i already do. but ill finally get to hold him and play with him. im just kinda nervous for her. labor can be complicated. but hopefully this delivery is a speedy juan ! but not too speedy, cause i wanna be able to make it to the hospital before he's out haha. hopefully he comes on the weekend, while im in walnuts. it won't be so complicated to get there.

alright, well that was my little venting sesh. i doubt anyone read this whole thing (: heh. sorry. you might be reading this cause you decided to skip to the end. or you ACTUALLY read it. if so, THANKS ! (: haha K NIGHT !